100% Aboriginal-owned, high quality, fresh produce supplier to West Australian businesses

Abundance becomes Djinda Produce.

Djinda / jin-dah / Noongar n. | a star | a beacon in the night sky.

Abundance Produce is rebranding to Djinda Produce.

We are delighted to advise some exciting changes, Abundance Produce will be rebranding to Djinda Produce. With Phil Matera at the helm, we are now the only 100% Aboriginal-owned fresh produce supplier in the region. Be rest assured, we remain committed to our mission to be the most consistent, reliable supplier of high-quality produce in WA.

Our name represents our deep roots in tradition. For generations, stars have symbolised wisdom, connection, and the vastness of our world. Much like the stars, we see ourselves as a guiding light in the fresh produce industry.

We continue to partner with many organisations across WA and supply them with high quality produce.

Priding ourselves on freshness, reliability, value for money and diversity of product, we strive to provide a supportive and welcoming workplace for both indigenous and non-indigenous workers.

We aim to illuminate the path towards sustainable, ethical, and locally sourced fresh food practices, delivering excellence in every order.

What We Do

We have the capabilities, purchasing power and expertise to offer innovative fresh food solutions.

Find out how Djinda Produce, formally Abundance can support your business’ fresh fruit and vegetables needs by making an enquiry

Responsible sourcing and delivery fresh produce

We cover the full scope of fresh food distribution and management. Our capabilities include responsible sourcing, tailored on-site processing and daily delivery of fresh produce. 

Quarantine management service

We have the expertise and experience to process and deliver to quarantine zones. We stringently cover all quarantine requirements and compliance standards for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Managing the entire supply process

Our fresh food guarantee starts in the paddock and ends on the plate.

Passionate about fresh seasonal food, we are committed to developing innovative products that add value to your business. Our team works closely with you to ensure we meet the needs and expectations of all involved - clients, chefs and industries. We ensure that food safety requirements and the preparation of safe food is maintained from paddock to plate. This commitment is how we guarantee a consistently high-quality product.


Customers who trust us.